Professional Painting from Aurora Exterior Painting

November 13, 2016
When a homeowner wants their home to have the best look possible, they look to the fine specialists at Aurora Exterior Painting. That’s why seem proud and post photos of their work all over social media and their website. Who wouldn’t, given that they do a great job helping homeowners keep their home looking great.

Since Aurora Exterior Painting was established back in 2004, the company has provided more than 3,600 Massachusetts homeowners with some of best, most professional painting services around. They feel a deep commitment to communicating with the homeowner and they make a promise to every one to pay attention to even the most minute details of every project. The homeowner's expectations become theirs.

Aurora Exterior Painting does a lot more than paint the exterior of the home to make it as attractive as possible. They also offer interior painting services, they do light carpentry and power washing services, as well. They will do whatever is necessary to do the job right the first time and in a way that lasts forever.

Aurora Exterior Painting, A Vision of Excellence

May 26, 2016
Upon its founding in 2004 by business partners Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolia, Aurora Exterior Painting has maintained a goal to provide the best possible home painting experience at a price that is reasonable and affordable. And more than just at its founding, twelve years later, the vision still remains. Aurora Exterior Painting continues to be committed to superior paint services as well as high-quality customer service given to every client. Aurora Exterior Painting believe’s in their work so much that it comes equipped with a two-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed as well. Their business is fully insured and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Aurora Exterior Painting is also an award-winning business and EPA lead paint certified. Don’t settle for less than high-quality, superior service, including customer needs and trust, when it comes to your home.